Rockery Pond Stone Project

Mary says she loves her pond she created with our stone. Apparently there was lots left so all her neighbours had donations for their gardens too! Thanks for sharing with us Mary, we are so pleased you (and the neighbours) are happy with your purchase.

Rockery Pond Stone Project

WOW Nigel has blown us away with this creation! He has introduced some softer edges with a similar coloured pebble. Using just one bag of our Rockery/Pond stone, Nigel has transformed his garden and even managed a gorgeous waterfall! Top marks Nigel, we are loving this!

Pond in a bag

Michelle purchased a Pond in a Bag and has worked hard creating this creative and imaginative design. The waterfall lip stone has the most beautiful colouring when wet. Great work Michelle, we are so glad you love it!

Rockery Pond Stone

Fred created this gorgeous pond using just one bag of our Rockery/Pond stone. We love his placement to create a natural waterfall look, a few well placed plants and large pebbles compliment the colours perfectly.

Natural traditional stone

This is an example of how our natural traditional stone can be used in a more modern setting. The addition of white pebbles looks fantastic with the slate. Chantelle used a combination of large and XL stepping stones to achieve this look, great work Chantelle!

Stepping stones Project

This beautiful lawn has been treated to our medium stepping stones to access different parts of the garden. The stones have been set down in the grass to make mowing a breeze. Thanks Ruth for the photos, we love this!